It all started when…

I wondered what I would do to make income after dancing. After a health issue that kept me from work, I became more motivated to find a way but not just for myself. I started wondering who else has financial problems after a traumatic event? In 2017, I started creating printables and started to make a profit in 2018. Looking for other businesses that have been created by dancers inspired me to find and support their businesses. I was being shadow banned & turned down for promotion which gave life to the directory. I realized we needed our own platform. Strippers are not meant to be conformed. Watching stripper-owned business’ getting deleted on social media and having a hard time promoting, fueled my desire to create space where all strippers can promote without the anxiety of losing all followers.


Founder: Pisces

Founder: Pisces

I have been in the adult entertainment industry since 2008. I am currently still dancing in Longview, TX. I have traveled and worked at many venues. Including:

  • Dallas Cabaret South

  • Jaguars (Odessa)

  • Club Castaway (Boston)

  • KOD (Miami)

  • The Men’s Club (Dallas)

  • Silver City (Dallas)

  • Vlive (dallas/travel)

  • Spearmint Rhino (Dallas)

  • Cameo (Charlotte)

  • Pink Rhino (Arizona)

  • Onyx (Dallas)

  • Jaguars (Longview)

  • and many more


I’m also a Reiki Practioner

When the life energy “ki” within the body is out of balance, it can lead to physical, emotional, and spiritual illnesses. By using hand positions and energy transfer techniques, Reiki is believed to restore balance to the body’s energy system and promote healing.

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