What is a mixed strip club and how are they dark-skin friendly?


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If you don’t know by now, there are different types of strip clubs. You have the white club that plays country, rock, pop, techno, and maybe hip hop. The hiring is racist and the customers are predominantly white. Black strip clubs play rap, r&b, and hip hop . The hiring is open but colorism may be an issue and the customers are predominantly afro-american. Hispanic clubs play rap, hip hop, and latinx music and the hiring is open but the customers are really touchy feely. My favorite type of strip club is a mixed club.

If you need help finding a strip club to work at. You should use my ‘Strip Club Phone Interview Script’ inside my traveling stripper bundle.

It’s important to know what kind of club you work best in. I can work in any club but I find that I feel more positive energy working in a mixed club. A mixed strip club plays all genres of music and hires all races of different shades. They do not practice racist acts like purposely not hiring afro or darker skin dancers. You can’t be a mixed strip club without dark skin women. Periodt. Mixed crowd means more customers, more customers mean more opportunities, and more opportunity equals more money. I also find that most mixed clubs function like a white club but the music and the atmosphere is more like ethic clubs. What I mean by ‘function like a white club’ is that the prices for vip and dances are beneficial to the dancer. For example 15 min in the champagne room can get you $150 and 1 private dance is $35.

A mixed club may not be for you but for my dark skin ladies who find it hard to get hired at other clubs, this is for you. Now don’t get it twisted. A mixed club doesn’t mean its upscale. You still have your ratchet, fancy and egoistical club settings. To find a club that fits, you must know what you like and who you are. I enjoy an egoistic club where I can dress up as my ego without judgement and make money. I love the role play ideal. At times I find myself craving music from ratchet clubs, these are the clubs that are usually small and there’s usually someone sucking dick in the corner for $20 (sad but true). The domme side of me comes out in these clubs. When I’m in a fancy setting I’m myself. I pretend to be no one but me, Pisces. I tend to feel more comfortable in this setting.

I did a poll on Instagram & asked dancers from all over about mixed clubs in there area. Here are 12 black-friendly mixed clubs you can try out today.

If there are any mixed strip clubs not listed, please place them in the comments below.

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  1. i’ve gotten turned away 3 times from Cheetah (Fl) perhaps the reasoning they’ve used are valid can’t tell but eh..ugh

  2. Tips evaluating mixed strip clubs. Here are some causes listed which states tips for making our analysis easy. It is a great source to read from such causes of popularity. You have done a great job.

  3. Hi-liter in Arizona shooed me away and sent me to one of their sister clubs (which also shooed me away). It is HARD to get hired in Arizona if you don’t pass the paper bag test.

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