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To the dancers who find it hard to manage bills. To the entertainers who can’t figure out where their money is going. This isn’t your typical “how to budget” blog post. It’s hands-on and comes with a printable. Even strippers who have no trouble paying their bills will benefit from this budget sheet.

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I created this printable because I felt like it was essential to understand what needed to be paid and when. I’m a full-time mom with a full-time career and things were starting to build up. I needed something, so I searched for worksheets that would work. All I could find were budget sheets for w-2 workers. Those sheets did not work for me so I created this one. A budget sheet that can help find out how much I can spend and what I should put aside for bills. As a stripper, this printable will help you do all that. Below is a short tutorial on how to use this sheet to its full potential.

Record your expenses for the week.
Find out the due date, how much it cost, and what type of bill. Your total expenses is now your weekly goal.


Write down expected pay.
As strippers, we don’t really know how much we’re going to make. That is why it is important to pay attention to what you earn to make an assumption of what you will make.




What is your action plan?
There may be times where you can’t pay a bill. That’s when you need to figure out if you’re going to pay, extend the payment, call customer service, or postpone the bill for another day. I was going to postpone my insurance bill but I extended it instead.



It wasn’t meant for this but I use the empty rectangles at the top to record activity. For example, I pulled a muscle in my leg which caused my leg to swell. I had to miss a day due to it. Which means, I missed money.

While your downloading and printing your budget sheet, take a peek at Women’s Whork and her take on budgeting.

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