Traveling as a stripper: Apps, Tips, and Tricks

Do you like to travel for work or does traveling give you anxiety? These tips, tricks, and advice below will help you to get over your jitters and start traveling.


Traveling as a stripper can be expensive if your not booked or able to find resources. For example: My friend stays in Boston but when I went to visit for work he was on a business trip. I ended up having to spend more on a ride and stay.

TIP 1: If you’re going to travel within the states, I would recommend you save $500 along with $300 on a card and $100 in cash.
TIP 2: Always have a club to work at in the area you’re traveling to. Instagram is great for contacting clubs for hire because most clubs respond quicker.

ADVICE: These printable sheets (below) I have created most definitely came in handy. I had everything I needed in my dance bag along with my heaux bag checklist a.k.a. luggage packing list. If I didn’t leave my shirts at the house, I would have been set but it didn’t matter because I needed warmer clothes anyway which is where the $300 on the card came in handy as well.


Pros of a Traveling Stripper:

  • You’ll have an extra club to work at just in case you find yourself without work

  • Building clientele

  • Meeting new and resourceful dancers

  • Adventure

  • Bragging rights

Cons of a Traveling Stripper:

  • Not knowing how much you’ll make

  • Might spend more than you make

  • Bad experiences like fighting, theft, and abuse

  • Club may not be hiring


Left (me) Right (Bella) She no longer works here Click to visit instagram page.

Left (me) Right (Bella) She no longer works here
Click to visit instagram page.

I’d like to tell you about my trip to Whately, MA. It’s a small town in the mountains with an even smaller gentlemen’s club called Club Castaway. This club is so adorable and fun. The manager, a retired stripper named Bella, invited me to do a show for her birthday. She’s a Pisces like me, so I had to say yes. Bella takes her job serious and treats her dancers with respect. My favorite part about how Bella set up the club up were the clocks in every corner of the VIP room. Each dance is 4 minutes and Club Castaway makes sure you’re not losing money. It wasn’t all glitter and rainbows though. I made a total of $800 working 3 nights and a double. I would have made more in the dayshift during the weekday. I shared a room and saved money. I was informed that dancers who are “employees” get half of hourly pay at the end of the month but you get to keep your tips. You’ll receive medical insurance, 401k, and more. This club goes above and beyond to ensure their dancers succeed. Update:


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