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As I was searching for stripper blogs, I came across this goal setting workbook on There are so many goals to fill out in this workbook. You can set goals for finance, education, career, self care, domestic, and treat yo self. This goal setting workbook has helped me to focus on my goals. Sometimes I can get distracted with life and forget where I am trying to go. This workbook will help you meet your goals and achieve success.

Now I’d like to show you how I used this workbook to sort my financial goals. I put my financial goals into 5 categories:


  1. Savings

  2. Weekly

  3. Daily

  4. Monthly

  5. Yearly

I use my money savings challenge that I have created. This has allowed me to save without the pressure of saving. Making saving something to enjoy rather than a dreadful thing to do. I use this alongside my handmade budget sheet. The budget sheet allows me to see what I need to be spending and what is left over after savings.

Weekly Financial Goal
I’ve decided to place money aside for business purposes. Although I’d rather make $50 to $100 than put it aside, it takes money to build a brand.

Daily Financial Goal
Sell 1 magazine a day is more of an expectation. This goal I really have no full control over. The point is to keep at it and plant my seeds.

Monthly Financial Goal
Challenge myself. What can I create to build sales, traffic, subscribers, members, paying customers? Your goal can be anything, just make sure it challenges you to create and build.

Yearly Financial Goal
Put 2k in my son’s cd account. He is 10 yrs old and by the time he’s 25 he’ll be close to a million. My son will always be apart of my financial goals, this is who I do it for. I don’t want him struggling or worrying about money. I want him to live life without the stress of whether he’s going to make it in this world or not.

The Plan
What is your plan of execution and what do you need to do to achieve your goals? I recommend writing your goal down first, then listing 1 at a time what you need to do to get there. You’ll find that this will set the outline of your plan, like a step program
EX: Daily goal-

  1. (what) sell 1 magazine a day

  2. (step 1) write down 30 close friends who you think would by your products.

  3. (step 2) call/text 1 or more a day

There can be more than 1 way to do things. It’s only brainstorming. You’ll start to see things clearer.

That’s how I use half & Bad to plan out my financial goals. Get this workbook on her website for free.




You can also find her workbook in my winter issue magazine along with the printables I used to reach my goals.

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